The house from which he was ob­serv­ing was hit so many times it col­lap­sed.  He promptly mo­ved to ano­ther house to con­tinue his ef­fec­tive task.  This sec­ond house was si­mi­larly dealt with by the en­emy and was re­duced to ground le­vel.  Capt. Brown mo­ved to yet a third buil­ding and es­tab­lished yet a third Ob­ser­va­tion Post.  This house with­stood fif­ty-​se­ven di­rect hits by en­emy shells, and, with con­spic­u­ous cour­age, Capt. Brown suc­cee­ded in si­len­cing the en­emy guns which were still caus­ing cas­u­al­ties.
This Offi­cer's gal­lant con­duct, stout spirit and dis­ting­uis­hed ser­vice in ac­tion un­der fire was ins­tru­men­tal in ex­pe­di­ting the pre­par­a­tion by 11 Cdn In­fan­try Bri­gade for the very suc­cess­ful at­tack on the CORI­ANO ridge.  His con­duct was an in­spir­ation to all ranks”.


29.  For the week prece­ding the at­tack an ex­tremely heavy har­as­sing and coun­ter-​bat­tery pro­gram was fi­red and en­emy re­ports indi­cated that the fire was very ef­fec­tive.  The Bri­gade at­tac­ked on the night of the 13th Sep­tem­ber with pro­bably more ar­til­lery sup­port than any other sin­gle bri­gade has ever had.  10 Field Regi­ments, 6 Me­dium Regi­ments, 2 Heavy Regi­ments, and 2 Heavy An­ti-​air­craft Regi­ments par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the fire plan and the ar­til­lery of 5 Bri­tish Corps was on call.  The figh­ting was very bit­ter and en­emy de­fen­sive fire and mine­fields cau­sed many cas­u­al­ties.  There was also con­si­der­able coun­ter-​bat­tery fire re­sul­ting in nu­mer­ous cas­u­al­ties at the gun pos­i­tion, inclu­ding Capt. R.D. Bright who was kil­led after be­ing with the unit less than a day.  CORI­ANO was com­pletely cleared on 14th Sep­tem­ber and 4 Bri­tish Di­vi­sion pas­sed thro­ugh to at­tack across the MIS­ANO RI­VER.  This al­lowed Reps and FOOs to come in for a much nee­ded, well-​earned rest.
30.  The ration situ­ation during the whole GO­THIC line opera­tion was grim.  There was no is­sue of fresh meat or vege­tab­les and the meals con­sis­ted of a steady diet of M & V and de­hy­dra­ted meat and po­ta­toes.