destroyed German tank in front of ruined buildings in Italy
These were so few and so crowded that cas­ual­ties were in­evi­table.  Pro­per roads were some­thing to only dream about.  HEART, DIA­MOND, CLUB and HAT routes were merely cleared strips thro­ugh the fields and they seemed al­ways to go across the cul­ti­va­ted rid­ges so that speed was re­duced to about 5 miles per hour.  Ad­ded to this ITALY was really sunny for a change and the long tight col­umns of vehi­cles tra­vel­ing across dry fields raised clouds of dust that could be seen for miles.  The fre­quent moves al­lowed little op­por­tun­ity for sleep, es­pe­cially for the sup­ply troops who were for­ced to drive miles to co­ver the shor­test dis­tances.  An am­mu­ni­tion truck going to “VAN­COU­VER” for a load would tra­vel 30 or 40 miles “down” and only 5 or 10 miles back “up”.
20.  After a two-day stop the Regi­ment moved across the LIRI past CE­PRANO and oc­cu­pied a posi­tion un­der heavy har­as­sing fire.  There was no firing from this posi­tion and before dark the unit was on wheels again to a new posi­tion in the mid­dle of a small for­est.