19.  The advance began to speed up and the Recce par­ties were away again at dawn the fol­low­ing day, cros­sing the MELFA past long rows of burnt out en­emy and friendly tanks and nearly beat­ing the In­fan­try to the new posi­tion just short of CEP­RANO.  37th Bat­tery guns moved up the same day but since there was no one on the right flank and the most dis­tant FDLs were but 2000 yards away the guns of the other two Bat­teries re­mained where they were and fol­lowed up the next day.  From here on en­emy coun­ter-​bat­tery fire was much re­duced but en­emy guns from the foot­hills on the right pro­vi­ded con­tin­ual har­as­sing fire on the roads.
landscape photograph of destroyed buildings in Italy