Citation:   The History of 3rd Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1939 – 1945.  (1945).  Liverpool, England: Northern Publishing Company.  p. 335.
Main H.Q. 5th Cdn. Armd. Div.
Lieut./Col. K.A.P. Dalby
  Commanding 3rd Medium Regt. R.A.
Dear Col. Dalby,—
Unfortunately, due to pres­sure of future moves and ops., I was unable to get in to see you before lea­ving this area to ex­press my great admir­a­tion and appre­cia­tion of the mag­ni­fi­cent work done by your Regi­ment while under my com­mand.
The fact that your guns stayed in action con­tin­u­ously through­out the attack on the Otter­loo area was a major fac­tor in see­ing the enemy off.  I made a point of talk­ing to a num­ber of the gun crews adja­cent to Div. H.Q. and thanked them for the part they had played.  As you know in many in­stan­ces guns came under dir­ect fire from small arms the moment any sound was heard around the gun.
This was a most gallant action in every re­spect and wor­thy of the high­est tra­di­tions of the gun­ners.  I look for­ward keenly to having your Regi­ment under com­mand again at some time in future oper­ations.
Yours very sincerely,                  
(Sgd.) B.M. Hoffmeister,        
G.O.C. 5th Cdn. Armd. Div.