Memorial to Neva Bezeau (1913-2007)

Neva Claire Bezeau was born as Neva Claire Stansell on September 18 one year before the outbreak of World War One in Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario.  She died on Sunday, December 02 in Kelowna, British Columbia, at the age of 94 years. 

Obituary from the Kelowna Daily Courier
Eulogy delivered by Lawrence Bezeau
Eulogy delivered by Yvonne Naito

Neva Stansell (centre) in 1925
ABOVE: Neva Stansell (centre) with two friends in 1925 on the roof of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.
BELOW LEFT: Neva Bezeau in 1961. BELOW RIGHT: Neva Bezeau in 2007.
Neva Bezeau in 1961 Neva Bezeau in 2007