L.35252 Sgt. Knight, E.A. dealt with the first Jerry by throt­tling him while one of his gun crew club­bed him with a rifle.  Two men of B troop were woun­ded by mor­tar fire but were evac­ua­ted by Lt. G.​F.F. Rey­nolds down “sni­pers al­ley” in a jeep.  Once 37 bat­tery had be­gun fi­ring over open sights to de­fend them­selves all tar­gets were given to 60 bat­tery who began to run short of am­mu­ni­tion.  How­ever, the dri­vers and ammu­ni­tion num­bers drove their vehi­cle on to the pos­i­tion and dum­ped am­mu­ni­tion while un­der SA and ma­chine gun fire.  As day­light be­gan to fil­ter through, the in­ten­sity of the en­emy fire be­gan to in­crease tho­ugh the en­emy by this time was not or­gan­ized eno­ugh to put in a pro­per at­tack but was try­ing to in­fil­trate by sec­tions.  Ma­jor D.​L. Gor­don, MBE kept rei­ter­a­ting that we would stay and hold the pos­i­tion (he was still di­vi­ding by 100) al­tho­ugh all our SA am­mu­ni­tion was run­ning dan­ger­ously low.  Just as ev­er­y­one was down to his last maga­zine or less a group of Churchills and AVREs roared up the road from the EAST with all guns bla­zing.  Three or four of the men from E troop had mis­sed RHQ when they re­tired from their pos­i­tion and had con­tac­ted an as­sault squad­ron RE.  They mo­ved up at first light with all guns bla­zing since they were un­able to find out the lo­ca­tions of our pos­i­tions.  This was un­for­tu­nate as sev­eral cas­u­al­ties re­sul­ted but ne­ces­sary un­der the cir­cum­stan­ces.  After ex­chan­ging a few shots with the GGHGs the sit­ua­tion was clar­i­fied and they both put in a co-or­din­a­ted at­tack with flame-​throw­ers up the two roads along which Jerry had dug in.  The Jer­ries were flushed out and mowed down at a great old rate and rare in­deed was the man who did not heave a huge sigh of re­lief.  Things then qui­e­tened down con­si­der­ably but with quite a lot of sni­ping com­ing from the woods.  At 0845 hours the tanks and in­fan­try star­ted to clean up the woods and hou­ses.  Lt A.​M. Ross and F troop had not bo­thered to wait how­ever, and had cleared their own troop area and were bus­ily en­gaged in hav­ing a wash and get­ting break­fast ready.  BHQ and E troop of 76 bat­tery had break­fast at RHQ and once their area was re­por­ted clear they re­turned to their po­si­tion.