Many fire plans were pre­pared but not cal­led for.  Des­pite the fact that all roads were un­der ob­ser­va­tion and there was much move­ment this sur­pris­ingly drew no shel­ling from the en­emy.  La­ter a smoke screen was laid down to con­ceal this move­ment but it lar­gely suc­cee­ded only in blin­ding the OPs.  In or­der to par­ti­ci­pate in the fire plan for 49 (WR) Di­vi­sion's as­sault on ARN­HEM the Regi­ment mo­ved to the area of ELST.  The plan was chan­ged many times and usu­ally with each change there would be a mad rush to dump more am­mu­ni­tion.  On the 12th Ap­ril a di­ver­sion­ary fire plan was fi­red on the west of ARN­HEM and the en­emy think­ing this was the real thing laid down an in­tense stonk of shells, mor­tars and roc­kets.
military vehicles driving into a smoke screen