There was considerable en­emy shel­ling and we suf­fered our first casu­alty the same day.  Af­ter the first en­emy sal­voes a sur­pris­ing new in­ter­est was ta­ken in dig­ging gun pits and slit tren­ches sank to re­cord depths.

ARIELLI - 17 Jan 44.

9.  On the 17th January we sup­por­ted the 11 Cdn In­fan­try Bri­gade in it's first at­tack, the in­ten­tion be­ing to se­cure a bridge­head over the Ari­elli Ri­ver.  The Boche were well pre­pared for the at­tack and laid down a with­er­ing De­fen­sive Fire sharp on “H” hour.  The Regi­ment suf­fered no en­emy coun­ter bat­tery fire since most of the en­emy guns were em­ployed on DF tasks.
left centre right
artillery signallers using two-way radios and Tannoy megaphones
text: 5800 5 rounds gun fire