In all cases the head­quar­ters was the local drill hall and the fair grounds were used as the parade square.  The Saskatchewan bat­tery man­aged to get bell tents and set up pro­per camp but the 37 bat­tery per­son­nel were bil­let­ted at home.  There was a fairly good issue of sum­mer drill soon after mobil­iza­tion but minus slacks.  Con­se­quently the effect of the intense sun on lily white knees was disas­ter­ous.  This, and a see­mingly never-en­ding ser­ies of innocu­la­tions com­bined with the heat to keep the med­ical staff hop­ping.  Train­ing was largely con­fined to foot and rifle drill and route marches.  Some stan­ding gun drill and equip­ment train­ing was car­ried out with 18 pdrs but the main empha­sis was on elem­en­tary basic train­ing. 


5.  In mid-August the 37 Bat­tery col­lec­ted at FORT OSBORNE for a short time and then moved to SHILO Camp on the 3 Sep­tem­ber.  The 60th half of the other Bat­tery joined the 76th half in INDIAN HEAD about a week later.  Train­ing con­tin­ued but still along very basic lines.  A minor catas­tro­phe occured during this per­iod with the arri­val of web equip­ment with­out instruc­tions for assem­bling.  The resul­ting con­fu­sion las­ted for several days until the solu­tion was obtained.
6.  On 4th Octo­ber the two bat­teries entrained at SHILO and INDIAN HEAD respec­tively, each in its own spe­cial cloud-burst.  A mee­ting took place that eve­ning at POR­TAGE LA PRAI­RIE and there, to the music of the Por­tage La Prai­rie band, the mix­ing of the EAST and WEST began.  The des­tina­tion being secret, spec­ula­tions were rife until the train offi­cials accom­moda­ted with the infor­mation that they were heading for PETA­WAWA.


7.  The arrival on 6 October at PETA­WAWA was not aus­pic­ious.  H.54826 Gnr. Munn, D.H. had mea­sles and two troops were quar­an­tined; the camp to which the bat­teries were as­signed was only partly com­ple­ted, there being no lights, no win­dows and the plum­bing was only partly fin­ished.