20 July 1940  to  9 November 1941
10 November 1941  to  26 October 1943


2.  The Regiment was mobil­ized origin­ally as two bat­teries, the 37th and the 60/76.  The former was recruited as three troops, A troop at FORT WIL­LIAM and PORT ARTHUR, B troop at FORT FRANCES and KENORA and C troop at PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE.  The 60/76 Battery was recrui­ted entirely from SASKAT­CHEWAN, half coming from ANER­OID and other points in Wes­tern and South Wes­tern SASKAT­CHEWAN while the second half came from INDIAN HEAD and the CPR main line dis­trict East of REGINA.
3.  The NPAM units from which these two active ser­vice bat­teries were formed, were the 7th Medium Artil­lery Bri­gade which con­sis­ted of the 16th Bat­tery centred at KENORA, the 17th at FORT FRAN­CES and the 18th at PORT ARTHUR, the 26 Field Artil­lery Bri­gade from BRAN­DON, the 10th and 22nd Field Artil­lery Bri­gades of SOUTH SASKAT­CHEWAN.  These units pro­vided the NCO and offi­cer nucleus which was respon­sible for the ini­tial train­ing and the trans­for­ma­tion from a civil­ian to a sol­dier regi­ment.


4.  The first med­ical boards were held in the var­ious recrui­ting cen­tres between 20 July and 1 Aug 1940.  Recrui­ting went well and both bat­teries were well up to strength by the mid­dle of August.