There was no firing from this pos­i­tion and the only ex­cite­ment was a lit­tle en­emy air ac­ti­vity.  Two moves were made end­ing at GODO on the heels of the In­fan­try.  RA­VEN­NA was cap­tured by the Prin­cess Lou­ise Dra­goon Guards with­out much ar­til­lery sup­port but the IRISH REGI­MENT re­qui­red some sup­port to take MEZ­ZANO.  1 Ca­na­dian In­fan­try Divi­sion hav­ing a very sticky time on the left and con­si­der­able fir­ing was done for them.  Their bridge­head across the LA­MONE was coun­ter-​at­tac­ked and for­ced back.  The 11 Ca­na­dian In­fan­try Bri­gade was or­dered to make a cros­sing at VIL­LAN­OVA and the Regi­ment took up pos­i­tion at PI­ANGE­PANE to sup­port the at­tack.  A fire plan was teed up and the In­fan­try and FOOs were in the act of tak­ing boats to the river's edge when the at­tack was can­cel­led ow­ing to ex­pec­ted floods.  A si­lent at­tack was fi­nally put in on the 10th De­cem­ber with ar­til­lery ready on fire plan “Bed­lam”.  The at­tack was very suc­cess­ful and all ob­jec­tives gained.  The Regi­ment then moved for­ward to a pos­i­tion just short of the LA­MONE.  Every­one was be­gin­ning to plan for Xmas.  “B” Ech­elon in RA­VEN­NA and “A” Ech­elon in GODO soon be­came hol­ding cen­tres for great vari­eties of chic­kens, geese, tur­keys, ducks and live­stock.  Two things became no­tice­able.  Firstly the “goof” was im­prov­ing in qua­lity and se­condly the Ital­ians were much friend­lier than here­to­fore.  On the 13th De­cem­ber the en­emy strongly coun­ter-​at­tac­ked ac­ross the CAN­ALE NAV­IG­LIO un­der co­ver of a smoke screen cut­ting off a pla­toon of the Irish Regi­ment.  Capt. D.G. Py­per who was the FOO with the Irish called for a MIKE tar­get which was put down in less than three min­utes al­low­ing the In­fan­try to es­cape with light cas­u­al­ties.  The whole at­tack was bea­ten off with very heavy cas­u­al­ties to the en­emy.  On the 19th De­cem­ber ano­ther at­tack was put ac­ross the FUSSA MU­NIO against stub­born re­sis­tance.  From the out­set the Irish Regi­ment were pin­ned down by heavy de­fen­sive fire and des­pite a quick bar­rage fired by the Regi­ment were un­able to make any head­way.  The PERTH Regi­ment fared bet­ter but soon ran into a coun­ter-​at­tack which was bea­ten off with a box-​bar­rage.