Roll of Honour
H060254 Gnr. McDermott, J.L.
L035155 Gnr. McKenzie, W.J.
Gnr. McConville,
L035255 L/Bdr. Monson, M.T.
A028131 Gnr. Near, F.W.
H009398 Gnr. Nicolson, K.R.
Gnr. Ooms, F.F.L.
L035034 Gnr. Peltier, R.J.
H054936 L/Bdr. Preston, R.
L035138 Sgt. Ross, A.
B016634 Gnr. Ruston, C.D
K066734 Gnr. Stanton, W.H.
K010615 Gnr. Stewart, M.T.
L035176 A/Sgt. Stewart, T.J.
L35262 Sgt. Schlenko.
B016579 Gnr. Theriault, L.
L065311 Gnr. Ulley, A.G.
H101615 Gnr. Vogt, N.
L035217 Bdr. Warner, J.D.
L035299 Gnr. Weisbrodt, J.W.
B016788 Gnr. Wilson, J.N.
H012085 Gnr. Wing, O.W.
H060257 Gnr. Woloski, W.
L035291 Gnr. Wunder, P.A.
L035169 L/Sgt. Wunsch, A.B.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
we shall remember them